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Review : A tribute to the late, great Billy Mackenzie

As soon as Untouchable kicks in, you realize it's a tribute to the late, great Billy Mackenzie, The Associates frontman who had a passion for majestic arrangements, sweeping string and big tunes. As a tribute, it's brilliant - and it should be, considering the talent behind it. - About Untouchable, the single.

Stephen Emmer wrote the intricate song, Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory wrote the lyrics and sings, and Tony Visconti produced it. Tribute it may be, but it stands up as a great song in it's own right. It's a taster for Stephen's forthcoming album International Blue and that's going to be a belter, with vocalists including Liam McKahey (Cousteau) and Neil Crossley (Furlined) joining the fun. Think 'epic' in a style of Burt Bacharach and Scott Walker.

[Andy Jones - Classic Pop Magazine]

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