Review : For fans of David Bowie

What's the story? Dutch musician and composer Stephen Emmer released his first album, Vogue Estate back in 1982, working with the fantastic voice of Associates' Billy MacKenzie. However, it was fully 30 years before a follow-up emerged - Recitement, in 2008, a record which featured spoken word contributions from Lou Reed and Serge Gainsborough. -About International Blue, the album.

He's now back with another new album International Blue, to be released in July, which harks back to the era of lush and epic 60s pop production. The first single is a tribute to MacKenzie, who sadly passed away in 1997, featuring an virtuoso vocal performance from Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory. It's Untouchable and it's magical.


For fans of: David Bowie, John Barry, Craig Armstrong

In Three Words: Epic Cinematic Pop


[Shortlist - 31-03-14]

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