Penny Black Music

Penny Black Music

Review : An album of real talent

Dutch-born composer, former member of one-time Joy Division support the Minny Pops and ex-Associate and Lotus Eater Stephen Emmer brings together a collection of songs with special guests to show off the joys of crooning. Along with his guests vocalists, he is joined by other former Lotus Eaters and one-time Cure member Michael Dempsey while the album was produced and mixed by the legend that is Tony Visconti.

Co-writing with guest vocalists, Emmer has released an album that reflects on a by-gone age. Midge Ure of Slik, Visage and the Rich Kids, but mostly known for his work with Ultravox, bleeds over his tracks in a soulful manner, while one-time Cousteau front-man Liam Mckahey on the tracks, 'Blown Away', 'Song for a Deserted Wife' and 'Mama's Mad' shines in the same way as golden boy Scott Walker once did. Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 comes over like mid 70's Bowie, sounding as if he was providing the soundtrack to a James Bond movie. New boy Neil Crossley of Bristol band Furlined meanwhile has a deep, smoky voice that is soul-searching but eerie. 

'International Blue' reflects on the voice as a main instrument, and how these days it gets overlooked. An album of real talent. 


[Anthony Strutt - 15-07-2014]

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