Recitement is an exciting mix of music and spoken word.

The combination of pop music and spoken word is a phenomenon in the music history. Recitement contains 17 different compositions in 7 different languages and styles, arranged and composed by composer, arranger and musician Stephen Emmer. Recitement can be characterized as both retro avant garde and accessible.

On Recitement everything comes together: past and present, death and life, writers and singers, poems and music. Is it Spoken Word Pop? Is it a contemporary audiobook? Or is it music album? Recitement is all of the preceding.

The album is mixed and mastered in NYC by Tony Visconti and features several musical performers such as Blonde Redhead singer Kazu Makino, jazzmusician Benjamin Herman, legendary pianist Mike Garson (Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins), classical singer Maja Roodveldt, old school rapper Shyrock, Joost Kroon of New Cool Collective and popduo Bauer.

Vocal performers are Lou Reed, Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Kristel (Emanuelle), Kurt Schwitters, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Michael Lonsdale, Sacha de Boer, Ken Nordine and Richard Burton.

Literary sourcetexts are from Charles Baudelaire, Yoko Ono, Samuel Beckett, Alessandro Baricco, Christopher Fry, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Paul Theroux, Victoria Ocampo, Remco Campert, Hugo Claus and Thomas Hardy.

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Arranged and produced by Stephen Emmer

Written by Y. Ono, P. Theraux, G. Manley Hopkins, A. Baricco, K. Nordine, T. Hardy, C. Fry, J.L.Borges, R. Campert, R. Argent, A. Ginsberg, V. van Gogh, C. Drummond De Andrade, H. Claus, V. Ocampo, K. Schwitters & Samuel Beckett.

Vocals by Lou Reed, Kazu Makino, Tony Visconti, Berend Dubbe, Sonja van Hamel, Richard Burton, Maja Roodveldt, Andrea Piovan, C. Baudelaire, Sylvia Kristel, Ken Nordine, Michael Parkinson aka Shyrock, Richard Burton, Jorge Luis Borges, Remco Campert, Sacha de Boer, Stephen Emmer, Allen Ginsberg, Michael Lonsdale, C. Drummond De Andrade, H. Claus, Sylvina Ocampo & K. Schwitters

Musicians :

Guitars: Stephen Emmer, Jac Biko & Tony Visconti
Piano & Keys: Stephen Emmer, Tony Visconti & Mike Garson,
Bass: Stephen Emmer, Hein Offermans & Manuel Hugas
Percussion: Stephen Emmer, Joeri Saal & Laurens Kagenaar
Drums: Joost Kroon
Strings: Pete Whitfield, Alex Stemp & Simon Turner
Flugelhorn: Ruud Breuls
Saxophone: Benjamin Herman
Trumpets: Ruud Breuls

Special thanks to : 

Alex Stemp, Allen Ginsberg, Benjamin Herman, Berend Dubbe, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Hein Offermans, Hugo Claus, Jac Biko, Joeri Saal, Joost Kroon, Jorge Luis Borges, Kazu Makino, Ken Nordine, Kurt Schwitters, Laurens Kagenaar, Lou Reed, Maja Roodveldt, Manuel Hugas, Michael Lonsdale, Michael Parkinson aka Shyrock, Mike Garson, Pete Whitfield, Remco Campert, Richard Burton, Ruud Breuls, Sacha de Boer, Simon Turner, Sonja van Hamel, Sylvia Kristel, Sylvina Ocampo & Tony Visconti.



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