International Blue

International Blue

produced by Tony Visconti

After putting music to spoken word with the help of Lou Reed, Yoko Ono etc., Stephen Emmer returns with a new album, produced at Avatar Studios in the Big Apple and the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, feauturing some well know helpers in a tribute to the lost art en elegance of pop crooning.

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With International Blue he has topped himself, creating a gorgeously atmospheric soundscape of emotional music. 



'This world needs more ambitious and visionary musicians like Stephen'  [Scott Bennett]

'I have listened to the album and it is extraordinarily beautiful. Truly transporting'  [Anthony DeCurtis]

'International Blue is a gem of a record that makes you long for the time of perfectly-crafted orchestral pop music from nearly five decades ago'  [New Beats Magazine]

'Perfectly poised to reinvent cinematic lounge music for the 21st century'  [Classic Pop Magazine]

'As Classy as a gleaming vintage Rolls'  [The Times]

'I can hear this as the next Bond Soundtrack'   [Janice Long BBC Radio 2]

'This music is simultaneously lush and ominous, panoramic and intimate. In a much better world than this one, Emmer and Visconti would be creating the next generation of James Bond movie themes'  [Charles Shaar Murray]

'It sets a high watermark for lushness in 2014'  [Q Magazine]

'International Blue is about its instantly timeless songs'  [Mojo Magazine]

'Luscious and beautiful'  [Robert Elms, BBC Radio London]

'Very impressive'  [Gary Kemp, Spandau Ballet]

'This is great music, with great crooners, composed by the great Stephen Emmer'  [Tony Visconti]



1. Let The Silence Hold You featuring Glenn Gregory 

2. Taking Back My Time featuring Midge Ure  

3. Blown Away featuring Liam McKahey & Vanessa Contenay-Quinones

4. Sleep For England featuring Neil Crossley

5. Untouchable featuring Glenn Gregory 

6. Song For A Deserted Wife featuring Liam McKahey

7. Seachange featuring Neil Crossley 

8. Break In The Weather featuring Glenn Gregory 

9. Mama's Mad featuring Liam McKahey  

10. In the mirror reflected feat Glenn Gregory



All music composed and arranged by Stephen Emmer.

Featuring Glenn Gregory, Midge Ure, Neil Crossley, Liam McKahey and Julian Lennon.

Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti at Avatar Studios (NYC) and Abbey Road Studios (London).


Release Dates

20/02/2015 : Germany, Austria & Switzerland

01/01/2015 : Vinyl & CD Global

16/09/2014 : USA & Canada

07/07/2014 : United Kingdom, The Netherlands

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