featuring Glenn Gregory

‘Untouchable’ is a poignant ballad of loss and epic heartbreak, combined with a celebration of life and love. The lyrics were written and performed by Glenn Gregory of the pioneering 80’s synth pop band Heaven 17 as a tribute to the late Billy MacKenzie.

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Billy Mackenzie of The Associates, singer on the eponymous hit single ‘Party Fears Two’ a great friend of the band and an exceptionally talented singer, lost to a premature and untimely death. This stunning single is the first release from the forthcoming album ‘International Blue’ created by Stephen, joined by a collective of artists.



"Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory channels Scott Walker on Stephen Emmer's darkly sumptuous, orchestral tribute to his late Associates bandmate Billy Mackenzie. As classy as a gleaming vintage Rolls." [The Times]

‘Stephen Emmer is one of those musicians & composers who knows the musical rules best and therefore also how to break them.’ [Tony Visconti]


Release dates

16/09/2014 : International Blue Album

07/07/2014 : Single


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