Vogue Estate

Vogue Estate

2015 Remastered

Vogue Estate, as originally released on Idiot Records back in 1982, recently got re-mastered by Stephen Emmer at Zownd Studios (Leiden), resulting in a fresh and now sounding timeless masterpiece of new wave. 

The idea behind the mini album was to create a soundtrack for an imaginary film, featuring Dirk Bogarde. The late Billy Mackenzie (The Associates) appears on ‘Wish on’, where the legendary Michael Dempsey (The Cure) and Martha Ladly (Martha and The Muffins) also appear.



If it was a film.... the opening would be in the mountains, the credits rolling over firm trees as pretty piano melodies float by. 'Wish on' is an altogether darker affair with rasping, hunted cello laid under discordant chords whilst Billy thunders away like an outtake from 'Sulk'. Conversation with him seems futile so we hide behind a tree until he vanishes in a burst of falsetto. But there is light amongst the trees in the shape of ‘Eleven And Then Left', following the pretty melody to the edge of the forest, where we discover a lonely, abandoned Martha singing her heart out. And there the film gets cut…

It features mostly instrumental music that made use of the latest electronic instruments of it’s time such as the synth-clavier, emulator, mirage, TR 808 and Linn Drum next to acoustical instruments such as the cello and the grand piano. 

Two tracks are with vocals from the late Billy McKenzie and Martha Ladly, and the album was co-produced by Flood (Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, a.o.) and Michael Dempsey (The Cure) in the legendary Trident Studios in London.


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