Sleep For England

ft Neil Crossley

'Sleep For England' is the number 4 track on the International Blue Album. Written and performed by Neil Crossley from Furlined. 

Stream or download Sleep for England ft Neil Crossley here.



Quotes Neil Crossley

'And then he just sent me this song. Which I just thought was incredibly good'

'And then I came to Abbey Road, and just happened to walk in when Tony Visconti was mixing it. And it was just quite amazing just to sit there, in the corner, and watch!'



She pulls herself out from the bedclothes and she opens the curtains wide

Stares down to the valley where the healthy and the happy float by


She says “I could sleep for England”


Driving on a wet night, kiss under a strip light – the same old craving

Slammed doors, feel shaken, all the useless medication you’ve tried


Sleep for England


Chancers and schemers, righteous believers

Life’s little dreamers all gathered here in one place


Sleep for England (3x)

Drive home on a wet night, kiss under a strip light again


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