My First Blog

My First Blog

And here it is, MyFirst Blog. Written in Mid-Atlantic Dutch English of course...

It's obviously to tell you that i'm really happy with this new website etc, etc. But whilst at it: about half a year ago i was really getting a digital wake-up call as i was reading an in-depth article about how the New York Times website was analysed by webpeople in the know.


What struck me immediately was that a homepage is no longer the main entrance to a website. When you  follow a so-called deeplink coming from say a social network, you often get directed straight to the relevant information on a subpage in a website and no longer via The Formerly Holy Homepage. So that inspired me to think of introducing that in my new website too. 

That and being not only mobile- compatible now, but also platform-independent is one of the many new features of this new website-on-the-go, which couldn't have been made without Maarten, Bart and Mike. Great job guys, thanks! 

I will, (also new, pff) blog here monthly from now on about all kinds of things, music- related or other things that interest me and therefore possibly, maybe.. You. So do feel free to somehow interact & let's stay in touch, shall we?


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