Maison Melody AM:PM (in Dolby Atmos)

An Immersive Audio Cinematic Experience

Watch the video trailer of Stephen Emmer's album 'Maison Melody AM:PM'. Mixed by Ronald Prent at Valhalla Studios in NYCA into an Immersive Audio Cinematic Experience.

Stephen Emmer invites listeners To Become The Composer. For centuries the halls of composers have remained an elusive and hallowed field – hidden playgrounds that have produced some of the most important works of art known to man. Wouldn’t you want to know what it is really like inside?


Listen to Maison Melody AM:PM in Dolby Atmos here.

Listen to Maison Melody AM:PM in Stereo here.

Listen to Maison Melody AM:PM in Binaural Audio here.


Teaser Video of Stephen Emmer 'Maison Melody AM:PM' (in Dolby Atmos)
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