RETROPOPIC 902 - Perfect Day : Stephen Emmer talks about...

RETROPOPIC 902 - Perfect Day : Stephen Emmer talks about...

...working with Visconti & Lou Reed in 2006

Alongside a variety of great music once again The Saint of RETROPOPIC RADIO talks with sonic artist Stephen Emmer about his pathway in music as this time they move into the 21st century


How focused has Stephen been on meeting the challenge of 'Sound & Vision' with his art? What lead him towards working for a Dutch public broadcaster on theme tunes? Why did he break away from work to go back into the artistic realm? What was the inspiration behind the Recitement album release in 2006? Why did he use the voice of Richard Burton on this album? How was he thwarted by not being able to use the recorded voice of Hemingway? Why did the Bowie/Bolan producer Tony Visconti come on board? What were the circumstances that lead to Lou Reed contributing vocals for a track? Which actor did Lou Reed replace on the project?

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Playing tracks by David Bowie, Stephen Emmer featuring the voice of Richard Burton, Yoko Ono, Stephen Emmer, Stephen Emmer featuring Lou Reed and more.

[Retropopic - The Saint of Retropoic Radio - 20 August 2023]

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