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Stephen Emmer is here with his new concept album Maison Melody AM:PM. The 40 minute long album is a 4d audio experience for listeners as Emmer invites them to enjoy a glimpse into his marvellous classical world. 

The audio-cinematic experience in a fresh genre called Cinema for the Ears & Stephen Emmer welcomes new listening audiences to a transformative audio experience. 

Listeners are transported into the world of the composer as they explore the synergy between the pieces the composer creates and the space that he inhabits. Being a pioneer in his specific genre, Stephen is paving the way for future immersive albums. 

“With this project we wanted to provide insight into not only the fruit of the creative process, but the process itself.”

Maison Melody AM:PM is another addition to Emmer’s immersive catalogue of work. Having already worked with legends such as Lou Reed, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin, Emmer is well on his way to evolving new and exciting types of music. 

Be sure to check out Maison Melody AM:PM for a one of a kind listening experience but for now check out Emmer’s other music linked below.

[Help Yourself Music - Editorial - 24 March 2022]

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