Will leave the listener captivated from the second you press play

For The Fans Of Review

Maison Melody AM:PM is the latest offering from composer Stephen Emmer. The immersive concept album is a unique audio experience that will leave the listener captivated from the second you press play.

Undoubtedly, the full experience of the album is best enjoyed through headphones as each instrument and sound Emmer has employed fits perfectly in the surrounding space.

Emmer has definitely showcased his innovative talents, creating the world’s first neoclassical concept-albums, putting on display his technique as a composer and producer. 

“With this project we wanted to provide insight into not only the fruit of the creative process, but the process itself.”, Emmer Stated

The soundscapes that Emmer creates are a one of a kind engaging experience. Be sure to check out Stephen Emmers Maison Melody AM:PM out on Friday!

[For The Fans Of - Editorial Review - 24 March 2022]

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