Prestigious Award for composer Stephen Emmer

Buma Oeuvre Award 2020

He wrote music for both the NOS Journaal and RTL Nieuws, composed RTL Boulevard's leader tune and was responsible for the opening tune of EditieNL. Now composer Stephen Emmer is rewarded for his work with the Buma Oeuvre Award Multimedia. He'll receive the prize on Monday 9 March 2020.

Emmer, son of legendary Dutch newsreader Fred Emmer, wrote over 500 TV tunes and jingles, many of which found their way to a wide audience.

Emmer started composing pieces of music for TV programs in the 1980s. Until then it was not self-evident that every program had its own initial tune composed.

Many programs simply used existing music. Like how the KRO news show started and ended with a part of the song 'Splanky' by jazz musician Count Basie.


[Source; NOS - 4 March 2020]

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